Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Eggs!!!!

One of my Easter Eggers has been singing the egg laying song for about a week now so I was expecting to find an egg any day now. Today she seemed especially uncomfortable and kept scratching and sitting each nesting box trying to get comfortable. I must have checked the boxes 20-times today until finally...

Although chickens don't usually lay two eggs in one day, I am pretty certain that these are both from the same Easter Egger since the other EE hasn't shown any signs that she is ready to lay yet. Maybe she was a little backed up? Both eggs were the same size and pale blue color. One egg was a little rough, cracked, and slightly dented.

White Egg on Left is Supermarket Extra Large

Easter Egger Trying to Get Comfortable

I know there will be many eggs to follow, but these are the first and I think they are a beautiful sight.


  1. How exciting. I'd love homegrown eggs but I'm just not willing to put the work in for it now.

  2. Oh happy day! If you are into such things. :D